Winter Training - January 2021

Session Title Materials
SRTS Spring Workshop

Presentation slides



Teaching Children with Special Needs How to Ride a Bike & New Program Plan

Presentation slides


Unconscious Bias


Non-Infrastructure Grant & Show and Tell

Presentation slides



Fall Training - September/October 2020

Session Title Materials
Program Planning Guide Work Sessions

Session notes


Digital Communications

Presentation slides


Socially Distanced SRTS

Presentation slides


Emphasis on Engagement, Understanding
Issues with Enforcement

Presentation slides



Winter Training - January 2020

Session Title Materials
Art with Kori Johnson Presentation slides
Making It Stick Group worksheets
Success Book & Strategic Plan

Presentation slides

SWOT Worksheet

Congestion Must Go! Combined slides
Funding Outlook Presentation slides


Fall Training - October 2019

Presentations Recordings
Safe Routes to New Schools New Schools
Safe Routes at Schools: Rules of Thumb for 
Walkable & Bikeable School Campuses
Site Design 
(starts on slide 15) 
Safe Routes to School and Vision Zero n/a
Adventures in TDM TDM


Winter Training - January 2019

Training Session / Presentation Additional Resources
Working With Partners  

Elevatin' the Es

Andy Clarke

Elevator Speeches

Elevator Speech Worksheet
Community Benefits of Walking and Biking  
Fun with Funding DRAFT Funding Learn it. Do it. Live it!


Fall Training - October 2018

Presentations Recording
7 Habits of Highly Effective Coordinators 7 Habits
SRTS Engineering Toolkit SRTS Engineering Toolkit
Dynamic Duos Dynamic Duos
Research Says Research Says


Winter Training - January 2018

Presentations Additional Resources
Bikes, Bikes, Bikes ABC Quick Check and Common Issues handout
Behavior Change

Game board

Game cards

Equity - Introduction

Equity - Richmond Context

Self Assessment


Fall Training - September and October 2017

Presentations Additional Resources
SRTS and Personal Security

Personal Security and Safe Routes to School

Taking Back the Streets & Sidewalks

Walking and Biking Planning, Design and Programs in Virginia 

List of VDOT Residencies

Question and Answer Notes

Communications 2.0

Communications Plan Template

FCPS Tips for Producing Great Videos

FCPS Video Contest Rules

SRTS in (and outside) the Classroom

SRTS Guide to Virginia Health Standards of Learning

Go Green Curriculum Details

The Bureau of Good Roads


Winter Training - January 2017

Presentations Additional Resources
Introduction to Sustainability Plan for Sustainability
School Division Policies Making SRTS Happen at the School Division Level, Learn it. Do it. Live it!
Walking School Buses

Step By Step: How to Start a Walking School Bus at Your School



League Certified Instructor Information

Pop-Up Demonstrations

Slow Your Street: A How to Guide for Pop-Up Traffic Calming

Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials and Design

Generating Online Links for Parent Surveys and Travel Tallies  
Coordinator Highlights  
Sustainability Richmond Parent Survey Example


 Fall Training - September/October 2016


Winter Training - March 2016


  • Arrival Observation Overview/Debrief - Power Point
    • Notes from Arrival Debrief - Word
  • Planning for SRTS Field Observations - Power Point
  • How to Conduct a Walkabout  - Power Point 
    • Notes from Walkabout Debrief - Word
  • Program Updates/2015 Accomplishments - Power Point



Fall Training - October/November 2015


Winter Workshop - 2015

  • Workshop Introduction - Powerpoint
  • Noreen McDonald Presentation: Safe Routes to School, What are the impacts? - Presentation
  • Program Planning Guide Self Review - All Self-Reviews
  • School Division Strategy Results - Powerpoint
  • SRTS Outreach Handout - Handout
  • SRTS Funding Resources - Powerpoint
  • SRTS Community Relations - Powerpoint
  • SRTS Education Resources - Powerpoint
  • Nadji Kirby Presentation: The Power of Engagement: Youth and Pedestrian Safety in Montgomery County - Presentation
  • Youth Engagement Hart's Ladder Handout - Handout
  • Working with PE Teachers - Powerpoint
    • Round Table Discussion handout - Handout
  • Hands-On Workshop - Powerpoint
    • Hands-On Workshop Design Plan, 8.5x11 - Handout
    • Hands-On Workshop Design Plan, 36x48 - Handout
  • VA SRTS Program Survey - Powerpoint


Fall Training - September 2014


Winter Training - January 2014


Summer Training - August 2013 


Past Meetings